General Travel Pointers

  1. Always check the individual airline sites for the best deals. The cheapest tickets 75% of the time are found directly on airline web sites, especially if your itinerary is flexible   Other 25% of time Expedia, Travelocity or Orbitz  will have a combination of different carrier flights that ends up being cheaper.
  2. Sign up for individual airline email offers.
  3. Airport security, customs and government agents have no sense of humor - take all regulations and questions very seriously.
  4. Before getting in taxi understand how the fare will be determined - meter or set price? Do your research on fares
  5. Use the discount airlines, with the following caveats:
    • verify which airports airline is using - lots of times cheap airlines use outlying airports, often up to 60-70miles away from city center (i.e. Standstead airport instead of Heathrow/Gatwick etc). Your "cheap" ticket could come with extra $20-30/each way for the shuttle.
    • read fine print about luggage allowance - lots of times there is no check baggage allowance, and you have to pay $20-50 for each piece checked.
    • be aware of booking fees - in some cases they can effectively double the fare
  6. When renting a car, always take a picture,and fill out the form noting any damage. Even cell phone picture is better than nothing.
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