Wilanow Palace

The top places to see

  1. Kings  Castle
  2. Old Town/Nowy Swiat Street
  3. Lazienki Park
  4. Wilanow Palace
  5. Warsaw Uprising Museum

Time to see each place

Day trips outside Warsaw:


Warsaw is the current capitol of Poland, and as a result has very tumultuous history. Warsaw did not exist after World War II, after 95% of the city was destroyed by Germans as a retaliation for Warsaw Uprising. Luckily, thanks to dedication of its citizens, the city has been restored to its former glory. The Old Town and King's Castle are the two main sections of town that have been reconstructed to pre-war state using mainly paintings and memory of former inhabitants. Some of the reconstruction took over 40 years, with work lasting well into 1980s. Today Warsaw is a thriving metro area, with over 1.2 million calling it a home, with all the accompaniments of major city - restaurants, museums, theatres, clubs, as well as major city traffic and pollution.

Getting to Warsaw

Getting Around

Places to stay

The best and most convenient place to stay is downtown next to Central Train Station, which is a hub for all other attractions. Options here range from Marriott and Radisson downtown to number of Old Town condos. The hotels run about $120/night, 2 bedroom apartment Old Town condo is about $130/night. Check individual web sites below for weekend specials, pay attention to exchange rate (check out Oanda for exchange rates).

Palac Kultury



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Old Town is full of restaurants, cafés, food stands and bars to suit every taste. During warm months there is number of outdoor seating options in the Old Town Square, with decent food, and great people watching. Expect overpriced menus and OK food, and nice ambiance when weather permits. After dark, Warsaw is THE center of action for nightlife in Poland,with large number of clubs and restaurants to suit every taste. Most of the night clubs are clustered around downtown area, and most of the dinning is to be found in Old Town.

Recommended places:

Wilanow Palace Garden

Warszawa Wilanow