Castle Courtyard


Malbork is one of the most impressive medieval castles in Poland. It consist of three rings, the outer one stretching for 10 miles, with inner ring walls higher than 20m (60ft+). Allocate at least 3 hours to see the castle, hire a guide in your language - well worth it.

Getting to Malbork

Take an InterCity train to Gdansk from Warsaw or Krakow. It is possible to catch morning train from Warsaw, arrive around noon, spend 4-5 hours sightseeing and then catch an evening train to Gdansk - all on the same train ticket (inquire at the train ticket offices what tickets you need to buy). Alternative is to drive - considering the state of polish roads in northern Poland it can become all day adventure. Not recommended.

Places to stay

Nothing beats sleeping IN the castle - Hotel Zamek Malbork is located in old castle building, right outside the main castle gate.

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Castle View

Malbork Castle

Side Walls

Malbork Castle

Moat View from Tower

Malbork Castle