St.Marys Basilic

The top places to see

  1. Old Town (2 hours)
  2. St.Mary's Basilica (1 hour)
  3. Water Front (1 hour)

Day trips:


Gdansk has over 1000 years of history under its belt as major port town on the Baltic sea. For large part of its history it functioned as a "free trade zone", growing rich and prosperous, which is reflected in Old Town building. Gdansk is a part of Tri-city, consisting of Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia metro areas, hemmed in by woods on the west side. Each of the cities has its own unique flavor: Gdansk is old, historical center of area, Sopot is a quaint seaside resort, and Gdynia serves as current, modern port gateway to Poland

Getting to Gdansk

Gdansk and Sopot train stations have several connections a day from all other major Polish cities, expect about 6 hours train ride from Warsaw, or 9-10 hours from Krakow. Sleeping car is a very comfortable way to travel overnight from southern Poland. Second option is to fly into Gdansk airport (airport code: GDN), there are even direct flights from US during summer season. Finally, Gdansk as a port city is part of cruise circuit for all Baltic Sea cruises, and gets cruise ship crowds during summer.

Getting Around

Once in town, the best mode of transportation are SKM trains, traveling between Gdynia, Sopot and Gdansk. Not the cleanest mode of transportation, but most efficient and not susceptible to traffic jams :-) Buy single pass metro tickets at the newspaper stands or automated machines for $1/each. Taxi's are great and inexpensive for local trips within each municipality.

Places to stay

The best and most convenient place to stay is in Sopot, close to Monte Cassino Blvd. This allows for some relaxing time on Sopot beaches, and easy travel to Gdansk Old Town via SKM train (15 minutes). Second choice is next to Gdansk Glowny Train Station, which is a great base for seeing Old Town. Options here range from Holiday Inn and Mercure downtown Gdansk to Sheraton and upscale apartments in Sopot. The hotels run about $120/night, 2 bedroom apartment in Sopot is about $100-150/night.

Sopot Forest

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In Sopot Monte Cassino Blvd is the place for strolling, eating and people watching. Continue west past train tracks to reach famous Sopot forest and hiking trails. Gdansk Old Town is full of restaurants, cafés, food stands and bars to suit every taste. During warm months there is number of outdoor seating options in the Old Town Square, with decent food, and great people watching. Expect overpriced menus and OK food, and nice ambiance when weather permits.

Gdansk, Dluga Ulica

Gdansk Dluga Ulica

Sopot Grand Hotel

Sopot Grand Hotel

Sopot Beach

Sopot Beach