Shoal Bay Beach View

Shoal Bay East

Shoal BayEats is THE top pick for the place to stay on Anguilla - great sand, very close off-shore reef for snorkeling and protection from waves, and QUIET. During the day there can be some tour groups from St.Martin cruise ships, after 3 pm it becomes a deserted island beach. Shoal Bay is about six miles from most of the restaurants in central part of the island. There are couple beach bars, restaurant, and three beach-front places to stay on Shoal Bay East:

Meads Bay

Meads Bay on the south-west part of the island is picture perfect beach, with blue water, white sand and no people. There is a total of four resorts spread over 2 mile beach. There is really no snorkeling here, except by the rocks at the ends of the beach. Since there is no reef protection, this beach can get pounded by big waves if conditions are right. In high surf conditions, the beach can erode to half its size overnight. The sandy ocean floor drops off rather rapidly here as well, so look out for the boats when swimming.

Meads Bay Resorts

Meads Bay Resorts:

On southern-most tip of the Meads Bay, behind Dolphin encounter, there is a big resort being build. It is in early staged of construction, it is presently called Viceroy (for future reference, see picture below.)

Meads Bay Dolphin Encounter

Dolphin Encounter View Dolphin Encounter - People

The southern end of Meads Bay is the location of Dolphin Discovery park. As the name suggest, it is a place where one can go swimming with dolphins in very controlled environment. The price for swimming with dolphins starts around $100, be aware of the cruise ship crowds this place attracts daily. Definetely call ahead to find out availability, even in low season, as cruise ships seems to book most of the available slots.

Rendezvous Bay/Maunday's Bay/Shoal Bay West

Cuisinart, Cap Juluca and Cove Castles occupy their own beaches on the south-east side of the island, with constant breezes and some waves as a result. Each resort is very upscale, with very nice grounds and great restaurants. Expect exorbitant prices and service to match during any time of the year. Since these resorts face windward side of the island, expect constant breezes, quite strong during the day.

Cusinart Resort