(If talk/info about sex offends you or is illegal in your area, please leave this page NOW!) Bangkok has the wildest and most varied night life - bar NONE. It is legendary in sex tourist circles for all the right and wrong reasons. Bangkok IS designed with guys in mind - none of the political corectness so prevalent in US applies here. Watch a movie Hangover 2 to get decent idea of Thailand night life. The movie is only slightly exaggerated - go-go bars, ping pong shows, ladyboys - it is all true.

There is plenty of advice on the web about Bangkok Red Light Districts, three most famous are:

General Pointers

  1. Know what you are paying for:
    • That "free" show could come with hefty bill if you do not pay attention to fine print - read "How not to get ripped-of in Patpong"
    • Ask for drink menu at each bar, be aware that drinks for girls could be more expensive.
    • If you agree for any services with girl(s), specify exactly what is included and how long to avoid ripped off
    • That includes verifying you are getting a GIRL as opposed to the "ladyboy" (unless that is your intent :-)
  2. DO NOT HIRE STREET GIRLS. Hiring bar girls provides a level of protection for you - if she steals things in your room, you will know where to find her
  3. FINALLY: Thai girls are very attractive, do not "fall in love" - enjoy this town and companions for what they are

Getting Around

If you stay along metro line (BTS), you can reach all three areas easily. Nana is just off Nana metro stop, Soi Cowboy can be reached on foot from Asok or Sukhumvit stops, Patpong is near SalaDaeng stop. If you take taxi, do NOT specify red light district name - there is a kickback paid to driver by specific clubs where he drops you - and ultimately client pays the kickback. Specify "JW Marriott" as destination if you want to reach Nana, "Grand Millenium" for Soy Cowboy, and "Crowne Plaza" for Patpong.

Venues overview - know what you are getting into

  1. At the top of the heap are G-clubs (Gentlemen's clubs):
    • Typically these bars will have the prettiest girls working as hostesses
    • You get to spend an evening drinking, chatting, playing game with your personal hostess, selected from group of girls
    • The girls get paid by the hour, you can spend the whole night with a single girl or change every 45 minutes/hour
    • Since girls get paid by the hour, there is no pressure to buy the drinks - enjoy company, music, sights
    • Most of the girls do NOT leave with the client at this type of place
  2. Next level below G-clubs are go-go bars:
    • Bunch of girls pole-dancing in various stages of undress
    • Girls wear little numbers that you can use to ask for specific girls
    • The girl(s) will sit and chat with you as long as you buy them the drinks - they get credit for the drinks you buy
    • You can negotiate to have the girls accompany you to your hotel for "short time"(typically 1-2 hours) or "long time"(overnight)
    • Rates vary - 2000BHT to 4000BHT is typical, paid directly to the girls
    • There is also "Bar fee" of about 500BHT to leave with the girl
  3. At the bottom of the heap are "soapy massage" places:
    • Bunch of girls wait in the "fish-tank"
    • Girls wear little numbers that you can to ask for specific girls
    • You pay specific rate for 1-2 hour massage - typically 2000-3000BHT
    • Massage consists of personal bath, followed by massage performed body to body by your masseuse - and of course sex, if that is your goal

Top choice for Gentleman's Club in Bangkok - Sherbet

We can't say enough good things about this place - the girls are beatiful and friendly, the coyote dancers incredible, the only downside is: it is not cheap. Expect to pay about $120 to spend 3-4 hours with a girl and few drinks - well worth it. Most of the girls do not leave with the clients at Sherbet, for that you will have to visit next tier down - girlie bars for take-home female companion.

Coyote Dancers at Sherbet:

Top choice for go-go bar in Bangkok - Shark's in Soi Cowboy

Drinks are reasonable (~120BHT), girls are pretty, cool rotating stages, no pressure. See Soi Cowboy video below: