Mutianyu Great Wall

The choices

  1. Badaling Section
  2. Mutianyu Section
  3. Ming Tombs


Two most popular sections to visit are Badaling and Mutianyu. Badaling is more spectacular and more commercialized section, with tour bus parking right at the base of the wall. Mutianyu is more personal and intimate section. It also requires hiking or taking the gondola lift to reach the wall. Finally, Ming Tombs are located on the way to/from the wall, making it convenient to visit at the same time.

Getting Around

Best option is to hire either private car or van. The cost works out to be about $25/person for the whole day, including guide and driver. Arrange through hotel concierge. The great wall has some great hiking opportunities - you can spend 3-4 hours walking, expect some very steep sections in places.

Interesting Tidbits

The steps on the great wall are all different height. It is by design - it prevents person unfamiliar with the layout from running up adn down the wall. An example of designers ingenuity to give defenders an edge over invading enemy.

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